Conversational Workshops

These workshops are occasional and thematic. In them we will practice by themes:

1. Spanish Idioms Workshop

There are many expressions, for example:

You’ve heard them many times, and you understand them, but you still don’t feel confident when using them in conversation. In that case, come to the workshop! and we’ll use expressions like the ones above in a topic of conversation.

2. Typical Situations

You are with your friends, or with your Spanish relatives and you hear your friend, cousin or brother-in-law saying…

You’d love giving your opinion with confidence.

Or maybe you are with friends, new people and you need to make plans with them!

If so, come to the workshop! and we’ll use phrases like these for various situations.

3. Hot Topics to Discuss

In these workshops we’ll use current news to discuss and give opinions.

I’ll provide you with the tools that you need so that you feel that you can express yourself naturally.

If that’s what you need, then come to the workshop!


If you missed a workshop you were interested in, don’t worry!

Now you can get it:

The Spanish on the Road Intermediate to Advanced Spanish.

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