Do you find it challenging to express your thoughts and feelings authentically in Spanish?
If you’re an expat in Spain or a traveler, you know how challenging it can be to engage in everyday conversations, facing language and cultural barriers.

So picture this...


You’re surrounded by Spanish friends, the conversation is flowing rapidly, and you find yourself struggling to keep up. The expressions, gestures, sounds… does this sound familiar?
Life in Spain can pose linguistic and cultural challenges, and many students like you struggle to truly connect with people and immerse themselves in the authenticity of daily interactions.
Wouldn’t it be incredible to participate in those conversations with confidence, feeling connected to Spanish friends and family in a genuine way?
Your desire to be an integral part of life in Spain, to understand the subtleties of the language and culture, is completely understandable. It’s time to overcome those barriers and fully immerse yourself in the richness of Spanish conversation.

Here’s where the Smartass in Spanish course comes in hand!

This is a 3-month conversation program.
Think of it as your ticket to a way cooler life in Spain.
Polish that sense of humor, and pick up very useful expressions that will spice up your conversations. 


What’s packed into the Smartass in Spanish course?

  • Preparation material: I’m committed to maximizing your class time. Before each session, you will receive study material that will prepare you to address the topics more effectively, ensuring that you make the most of every learning moment.
  • Small groups: I believe in quality over quantity. I limit the groups to a maximum of 4 people to ensure a more intimate and personalized experience. This facilitates interaction and gives you more opportunities to actively participate, receive personalized attention and obtain valuable feedback.
  • Session focused on : To hone your conversational skills, I focus on active practice and will explore topics such as:

Life in Spain (for expats or travelers)

Interactions in the country with friends and family

Authentic reaction with Spanish sounds, gestures and expressions

Development of ingenuity and a touch of humor in conversations

  • Recorded classes: Life can be unpredictable, but your classes are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want, whether to review or reinforce your knowledge. These recordings are only for group members, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
  • Pricing: This program includes four sessions per month, each lasting one hour. The program is for three months, with a total cost of 240€. This is the last edition in which it is offered at this price, it will go up.


Additional benefits:


Access for 6 months: After the program, and for another 3 months, you will continue to have access to the recordings and course material to review and reinforce your skills at any time.

Special Discount: By completing the conversation program, you will receive a 50€ discount on the purchase of my 6-month program: Conecta.




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