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Why The Spanish on the Road is different?

This is Vero! I’m a Spanish teacher and passionate about language learning. I’ve been teaching Spanish online for more than five years and I’ve lived in the US for six years, so I know the challenge of living in a foreign country and the difficulties in learning the language.

You will feel comfortable from the first day, since I offer you empathy and motivation.

Empathy and Support

I am a language learner, just like you, that’s why I understand the importance of creating a relaxed environment so that you feel comfortable while learning. I will create a stress free environment for you.

Castilian Accent

There is a wide variety of accents that reflect the rich cultural heritage of these nations.

If you are looking for a teacher with a Spanish accent, you have found the right person!

A Tailor-Made Program

I am aware of different learning styles such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, and I know that every student is different in how they learn best. I will provide you with different materials so that you can practice according to your learning style.

How can I help you?

You feel:

You want:

All this is possible with my services.

The Spanish on the Road has been helping students like you for more than five years.

Program Conecta

Imagine for a moment that you are at the beginning of an exciting journey. A journey that will take you through six months full of learning. This trip is called “Conecta”, a program designed so that you can connect with native speakers and feel more like yourself in Spanish.

Best of all, this program is hybrid, which means that you can adapt it according to your availability and needs each week.
During this path, you will have the opportunity to experience empathy, fun and personal development in a unique way.

One of the great advantages of “Conecta” is its dynamic format, which will allow you to learn Spanish naturally. The language will be integrated into your daily life without you realizing it, through fun activities and games.
So are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure?

Conversational Workshops

These workshops are occasional and thematic. In them we will practice by themes:

Expresiones típicas españolas

Spanish Idioms

The Spanish On The Road


Typical Situations

The Spanish On The Road

Temas de actualidad para debatir

Debate Topics

The Spanish On The Road

¡Hola, holaaaaaa!
¡Soy Vero!

About me, I like to teach grammar in context, and with many examples and uses that will help you in your day to day. My method is dynamic and you will learn while having fun and also through personal development.

Do not miss the opportunity to connect with native Spanish speakers. You deserve it.

What my students say

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Cómo hablar para poder conectar realmente con hispanohablantes

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