Empathy and Support

Because I'm a language learner just like you, I understand the importance of creating a relaxed environment for you to feel comfortable learning in. I consider myself an empathetic and supportive teacher since I'm aware of the challenge you are undertaking. I'll create a stress-free environment for you.

Save Time and Money

By signing up for online lessons you'll save time and money on transportation. You can learn from the comfort of your home or even a coffee shop. So grab a cup of coffee and your favorite device and let's get started!

Tailored Lessons

I am aware of the different learning styles, such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and I know every student is different in how they best learn. I'll provide you with different materials according to your learning style. We can work with books, infographics, videos, pictures, role-plays, news, etc.

Castilian Accent

There are a wide variety of accents which reflect the rich cultural heritage of these nations. In Spain, the birthplace of the Spanish language, the Castilian accent - my accent - is the most common accent. If you're looking for a teacher with an accent from Spain, you’ve found the right person!

Where Will We Have the Lesson?

We can meet on Zoom. You may choose the platform you like most and we will work together with materials on Google Drive. You'll have access to your materials 24/7, that way you can review it anytime.

Flexible Schedules

Because we all have obligations, sometimes a flexible schedule is necessary. Having a flexible schedule for your classes will allow you to make the most of your learning time, making it easier for you to concentrate, achieve your goals, and stay productive.


Grab a cup of coffee and let's set up your goals to reach your maximum potential


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This is what some students say about me:

  • Before taking Vero's classes I was studying on my own with only one app. Vero challenged me to build a bigger structure around my unique needs as a learner. Her continuing feedback pushes me to be a better Spanish speaker. What I appreciate most about Vero is her sense of adventure and willingness to work in the alternative, creative methods such as writing and artwork.
    Minnesota , USA
  • I felt that I could understand a lot more Spanish than I could speak before taking this class. I also wasn't very confident in the little Spanish that I knew. I was looking for a class where I could practice and learn with a native speaker. Signing up for a class felt like a good idea because it forced me to continue learning and improving with the language. It also felt nice getting feedback from someone who has taught and who helps me continue to progress. I feel that I have come a long since starting this class. I still struggle with speaking a little, but I'm definitely making more progress toward being fluent than I was before. The biggest lesson that I've learned from this class is to be comfortable with making mistakes and that they are a part of the process when learning a new language.
    Erin Snell
    Georgia, USA
  • Verónica helped me preparing for future job interviews in Spain. She is a very supportive and constructive teacher who corrected documents for me outside the classes. During 15 classes I was able to improve my spoken Spanish fast and I got more confidence answering job related questions. With the help of Verónica I learned new vocabularies and we used them during practical exercises, like conflict situations, team discussions and feedback sessions. In addition we worked on a document which summerized all potential questions in job interviews and my answers. Verónica corrected all my mistakes and we practiced my answers during our classes. After the classes I feel confident to get a job and to speak Spanish with my colleagues. Thanks!
  • Before I was taking classes with other teachers, but they weren’t always as reliable or prepared. I was looking for a reliable teacher who could help me with my goals and working with Veronica has helped me improve in a short amount of time to meet my current goals and work toward future goals as well.
    Atlanta, USA
  • Veronica is very interested in knowing what are your goals with Spanish classes, what do you need to improve and she loves to know about other culture and our daily routine! She corrects me in all my mistakes, sends me the class notes and interesting things about the Spanish language! She is awesome!
    Victoria Garcia
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Veronica is an excellent teacher, I have not been in a classroom environment for many years and that can be daunting, but I was made to feel at ease and that has helped me with the learning experience. I always have a fun learning experience and come away from a class feeling like I learned some useful Spanish!
    IT, UK

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