Boost your Spanish and improve your personal and professional life

These are tailored lessons for you to gain confidence and become fluent in Spanish.

You often feel that you’re stuck in the same stage, especially when you want to talk about past events in your life and you can’t get over the fear of messing up and not remembering the correct conjugation.


You enjoy self-teaching and have been trying to learn Spanish for a while but you still need someone that can guide you in your process.

You have lived or have traveled to a Spanish speaking country and feel that your comprehension and vocabulary has improved but you’re still struggling when speaking it, and it gets frustrating not having all that vocabulary in your active vocabulary.

Maybe you think that is really hard to achieve your goals

You feel you'll always fall straight back into English when you struggle with a Spanish word.

You have a hard time with verb tenses and feel frustrated so you tend to limit yourself to only using the past simple tense.

You’re shy to practice speaking and prefer to engage better on a one-to-one basis.

One of your main difficulties has been listening to native Spaniards speaking to each other because it seems ¡muy rápido!

You’ve tried a few languages apps but haven’t made any advanced progress.

Are you going to give up your goals because of these reasons?

I don't think so ;)

Let's walk this road together.

Lessons One-On-One


These are structured, but very flexible lessons because sometimes we just need to work on some gaps and move to the next level.

I use different resources such as books, infographics, role plays, etc… So the lesson will be tailored according to your needs.

I’ll create a Google Drive folder for you, where you’ll have access 24x7 to your materials. Also, if you enjoy reviewing with flashcards we can use Quizlet so you can review the new vocab on the go!

My Spanish Trip


This pack comes with two options or a mix of them:

Spanish for daily life (A2 to B2 level): Lessons for real-life situations, such as going to the store, booking a hotel room, ordering food, giving your opinion, and so on.

Spanish for work (B1 to B2 level): We’ll work with the book Expertos to boost the right vocabulary for the workplace. Here you can download a sample

Conversational Lessons


I love having conversations, and I know you do too! We will go over different topics.

We can work with news, podcasts, shows, and movies, etc... I'll provide you with graded news articles before the class (some of them come with an audio file) or you can send me topics that are of your interest. These lessons are aimed for you to practice as much as possible!

Hi there !!!

My name is Verónica and I help people who travel to Spain, to improve their Spanish for daily life and work through online Spanish lessons, so that they can enjoy the full experience.

I have helped people to feel more confident when interacting in different types of situations and creating connections with others.

I am passionate about language learning! I have learned many different teaching approaches and methods in order to best help students to reach their goals.

So far, I've taught online students from the UK, USA, and Canada. Teaching students from all over the world have been the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life!


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