Updated January 2024

Lesson Cancellation and Rescheduling:

A lesson can be canceled or rescheduled by the student if at least 24 hours are remaining until it is due to begin. 


The student must initiate the rescheduling or cancellation through the booking system. This can be done with the confirmation email that is sent after booking.


If the student encounters difficulties, they should send and email. If there are less than 24 hours remaining until the lesson, the student does not have the right to cancel or reschedule, and the lesson credit will be forfeited. 


This policy is in place to protect the working conditions of the teacher. 


The only exception is in case of a medical emergency.


Missed Lessons:


If a student misses a lesson, they will not be able to reschedule or cancel it, resulting in the loss of the lesson credit. Lessons scheduled during local holidays will not be automatically canceled; it is the responsibility of the student to make any necessary changes to their bookings.


Maximum Number of Allowed Cancellations:


Students are permitted a maximum of three consecutive cancellations. Upon reaching this limit, the student will lose priority for their habitual day and time slot, requiring them to seek an alternative spot.


Package duration:


The student has a maximum of 3 months to use the 10-session package they have purchased and a maximum of 1.5 months for a 5-session package.

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