A lot of people ask how long it would take them to become bilingual in their target language, but the actual question we need to ask ourselves should be:

What kind of learner am I?

Because of traditional school, we find ourselves a little bit lost with this concept. Isn’t the teacher suppose to teach me using their method?

Every teacher has their own way to teach, but in actuality, if you want to succeed, it’s within you to get to know yourself as a student and figure out how you will learn better. It’s also within the teacher to adapt the class in a way that fits you.

Try out different materials and pick up the ones that you enjoy the most, the ones that make you feel engaged, and not thinking I “have to” study.

You don’t have to lock yourself in one category, you can be a mixture of more than one. I consider myself an auditory and kinesthetic learner, because I enjoy listening to podcasts, having conversations, and doing role play. Once I feel that I’m using the target language in an active and communicative way with others. Then is when I feel accomplished.

Have you tried different ways of learning? Are you having fun and learning slowly but surely? There you go! You found it.

Leave me a comment about your opinion on this topic. I would love to know what you think.